Flow Cytometry Suite

The CDI offers a modern Flow Cytometry Core Facility that includes high parameter fluorescent activated cell sorting (FACS) and flow cytometry instruments and services.  The Flow Cytometry Core Facility lends its expertise in their capabilities to the CDI community and provides consultation on experimental design and fluorescent panel development, as well as in-depth training to allow unsupervised usage.  The CDI Flow Cytometry Core Facility is focused on providing top-of-the-line instrumentation that will maximize scientific impact for all of its users.  We communicate with our scientific community and partners to ensure that we continually deliver improvements and cutting edge, reliable services.  The resources of the core facility are available to all investigators at the CDI and its affiliated institutions.


Cell Sorters

  • BD FACS ARIA III sorter with Aerosol Management and Temperature Control Systems:  5 lasers (488, 405, 561, 640, 355) housed in a high containment BioBUBBLE and capable of 4-way sorting with up to 19 parameters.
  • BD Melody Sorter:  3 lasers (640, 405, 561) housed in a BSL2 biosafety cabinet and capable of 11 parameters.

Analytical Cytometers

  • BD Fortessa: 4 lasers (488, 405, 561, 640) capable of 18 parameters
  • BD FACSymphony equipped with a High Throughput Sampler: 5 lasers (488, 637, 405, 355, 561) capable of 28 parameters

Data Analysis
Data analysis workstation located in the core facility equipped with upgraded analysis software such as FlowJo.

Contact Information
Jason Butler
Co-Director, CDI Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Michael Poulos
Co-Director, CDI Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Wen-shan Tsao
Manager, CDI Flow Cytometry Core Facility