The laboratories have access to a large suite of state-of-the-art microscopy and other imaging equipment. This includes two Nikon confocal microscopes (A1 and C2 models), a Leica laser-capture microdissection microscope (LMD7 model), three Nikon stereomicroscopes with Fi2 cameras, and three Nikon inverted fluorescent microscopes (two Ti2 models and one Ts2 model). Other imaging equipment includes a Typhoon multimode imager (Amersham/GE Healthcare): a “four-instruments-in-one” imager that can image gels, membranes, multi-well plates, dishes, and tissue sections, and offers precise quantitation of fluorescent, color-stained, and radiolabeled biomolecules like proteins and nucleic acids. Finally, the CDI animal facility contains a Bruker In Vivo Multispectral (MS) FX PRO imager with x-ray, bioluminescence, fluorescence, and radioisotopic imaging capabilities.