Support for Research Faculty, Endowed Chairs and Fellowships

In order to find cures for some of the world’s most challenging conditions, the CDI is committed to building upon its team of scientists and recruiting world-class researchers. Your support is crucial in attracting the most talented investigators and physician-scientists to build a pipeline for individuals at the early stages of their career. Private philanthropy is needed for:

  • Endowed chair positions
  • Research directorships
  • Strategic faculty recruitment
  • CDI Physician-Scientist Program
  • Post-doctoral fellowships
  • Fellowships for early career and underrepresented investigators

Advanced Research Facilities

In an unprecedented effort to re-establish New Jersey as a leader in biomedical research and medical education, CDI has dedicated space to accommodate the expanded laboratory and the administrative infrastructure needed to support these activities. Funding will aid in the development of:

  • Expanded laboratory space
  • Administrative infrastructure
  • Customized research facilities
  • Highly specialized research instrumentation and equipment
  • Enhanced artificial intelligence and cloud computing capabilities