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Cancer Prevention Precision Control Institute (CPPCI)

The Cancer Prevention Precision Control Institute (CPPCI) is dedicated to leveraging innovative behavioral science and health communication methodologies to address cancer disparities, community outreach and engagement, and improved health outcomes across the cancer care continuum.

CPPCI Vision

CPPCI’s Mission

Create a transformational translational research Institute within the Center for Discovery & Innovation that connects science to practice with a tripartite mission focused on reducing disparities, improving patient outcomes through improved patient-clinician communication leveraging novel digital and social media outreach tools, and community-engaged participatory research methods.

  • Leverage opportunities for community engagement in the greater New Jersey area to improve patient outcomes through cross-cutting cancer prevention and control-focused research;
  • Increase the ‘precision’ of cancer prevention and control through tailored interventions as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach;
  • Employing innovative quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research methodology;
  • Build a complementary research team at CDI that cross collaborates with the Georgetown Lombardi CPC research team to improve patient outcomes in the New Jersey and District of Columbia catchment areas (and beyond);
  • Develop a community advisory board of diverse citizen scientists who represent the communities we serve to advise the CPPCI leadership quarterly on research needs, foci of clinical interest, and broader direction;
  • Build a diverse, robust extramural funding portfolio; and
  • Recruit and retain diverse, talented, innovative scholars making a meaningful contribution to advance the state of population sciences in cancer prevention and control.

HMH DEI statement

Hackensack Meridian Health is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that delivers culturally competent, patient-centered care. We value and celebrate the contribution of our team members and acknowledge that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Through our Diversity & Inclusion program, we strive to:

Foster an inclusive environment that embraces different perspectives and that values the contributions of each individual

  • Promote diversity at every level throughout our network
  • Employ and develop the finest talent from all groups within our vibrant communities
  • Provide outstanding and award-winning health care services

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CPPCI’s Team

Lisa Carter-Bawa, Ph.D., APRN, ANP-C, FAAN
Director, CPPCI

Abraham Aragones, M.D.
Faculty member, CPPCI

Chinwe Ogedegbe, MD, MPH, FACEP
Faculty Member, CPPCI

Heather Derry-Vick, Ph.D.
Faculty Member, CPPCI

Gary Kwok, Ph.D.
Faculty Member, CPPCI

Erin April Hirsch, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow, CPPCI

Ana Guadalupe Vielma
CPC Project Associate, CPPCI

Francis Valenzona
Program Coordinator

Affiliate Investigators

Christina Cho, M.D.
Nitin Yerram, M.D.
Antonia Francis Oladipo, M.D.

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