Structure and Governance

Visionary Leadership

The Institute for Restorative Health will benefit from the power of visionary leadership across not-for-profit and for-profit platforms. As a public-private partnership, the Institute will combine basic research and clinical trials supported by private philanthropy and NIH and other government funding, with a translational science for-profit “incubator” backed by venture capital. Streamlined governance will lead to accelerated discoveries and efficiencies of scale.

A Broad Range of Stakeholders

A broad range of key stakeholders is required and is being assembled to capitalize on the potential of this endeavor: academia (enhanced by the newly-founded Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University); industry leaders (biotech and biopharma companies); government (NIH, NCI, DOD, NHLBI); world-renowned scientists; leading physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals; investors; and consumer advocates.