Our Team

Prominent Faculty

The CDI is comprised of prominent faculty members who have been recruited from leading academic centers including Weill Cornell Medicine, Columbia University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Boston University, Rutgers University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the National Institutes of Health. Areas of expertise include genomics, epigenetics, drug resistance, stem cell biology, drug discovery, diagnostics, vaccines and pharmacology. These areas confront critical unmet needs in targeting multiple myeloma, lymphoma, breast cancer, brain tumors, and other deadly cancers, and address crucial medical problems in diabetes, sepsis, and opportunistic bacterial, fungal and viral infections. In total, the inaugural faculty have published more than 1,500 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals such as Science and NatureNew England Journal of MedicinemBio and Lancet. In addition, they bring approximately 20 NIH and other government grants to the CDI, as well as numerous contracts with foundations, Pharma and biotech companies.